Cluster Orientation towards Up-to-date technologies and models for common development

CNA project

International GOPP session


    Graz, November 2526.2014


    These events were organized in Gratz on November 25th-26th 2014. in Graz (Austria). This event was organized by the Austrian partner on CLOUD project – Start-up & Service Centre Fürstenfeld. First day, there was organized a Final Conference of the project and the participants had an opportunity to hear more about experience with clusters during the project progression, represented by the partners on the CLOUD project. On this occasion, Sara Dell Elce from CNA Emilia Romagna, presented the methods, opportunities and activities planned for the promotion and internationalization of business cluster in the CLOUD project. Attendees had the opportunity to hear from Balasz Barta from Pannon Business Network, more about the experiences and the role of the cluster during the project. Aleksandar Matic from Belgrade Chamber of Commerce presented the role of clusters in the EU integration process of Serbia, as one of the means of increasing the competitiveness of enterprises and the economy as a whole. At the end of the conference there was organized a presentation of Austrian Hidden Champions 2013/2014 together with a prize giving ceremony.
    Steering Committee and Technical Board of the CLOUD project were held on November 26th 2014. The meeting was focused on the activities and results achieved during the project realisation. Therefore, a review throughout the work packages was made, together with the explanation of what is done and what more should be done till the end of the project duration.



    Bucuresti, 14th May, 2014


    On May 14, 2014 Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI) organized the first Romanian Research cocktail on project CLOUD “Innovation and entrepreneurship” - in TechHub, a place that has been called “a unique environment where technology startups can start up faster". The event brought together more than 30 innovative entrepreneurs, investors, venture capital and other stakeholders that support the business environment in Romania. During the meeting were presented good practices in entrepreneurship, success stories but also examples of failure and methods to override them. The importance of IPR and commercialization of products and services were also outlined.

About Cloud

CLOUD - Clusters Orientation towards Up-to-date technologies and models for common Development - In October 2012th began to implement the project CLOUD - Clusters Orientation towards up-to-date technologies and models for Common Development within the EU Transnational Cooperation Programme for South East Europe. Leading partner in the project is the CNA Regional Association of Emilia Romagna (Italy), and included another 10 partners from 10 countries: Austria (Start-Up and Service Centre Furstenfeld), Bulgaria (Business Agency Association), Greece (Development Agency of Evia SA), Hungary (Pannon Business Network Association) Italy (The Association of Chambers of Commerce of Veneto Region), Romania (Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding), Slovenia (Pomurje Technology Park), Serbia (Belgrade Chamber of Commerce), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency) and Albania (Institute for Contemporary Studies). The project aims to establish a transnational platform for exchange of operational activities for managing clusters in the participating countries, by encouraging the development of innovation and activation potential among SMEs southeastern Europe. Specific objectives are represented by: 1) defining the successful policy cluster development, including system support, which is harmonized and enforced among all relevant users across Southeast Europe, 2) establishing and operating a comprehensive set of tools for transnational promotion of clusters and 3) activities to promote and improve use of innovation within the cluster, both at the level of individual small and medium-sized enterprises, and the cluster as a whole, and particularly includes the application of innovationcommunication technologies in a mature cluster. Project runs until September 2014. and its total value is over 1.5 million.